Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lastdocs Plugin For gEdit

This is a new version of my Lastdocs plugin for gEdit. I improved the performance a bit.The Lastdocs plugin exposes a simple dialog that shows you the last opened files which can be edited with gEdit. It is inspired by Scribes a very promising editor that is in an early development stage.

What is the advantage over the recent files menu entry?

The the Lastdocs plugin is better suited to my workflow. I just press <Ctrl><Shift><o>,

the Lastdocs dialog pops up and I can use the arrow keys to choose a file. There doesn't need any mouse action to be involved.

How can I download the plugin?

Download the following file:

Unpack it and put the files in


and activate the plugin.
If you have any ideas for improvement, don't hesitate to post them.



Philip MacIver said...

I have just tried this plugin, and it doesn't seem to work. I just get a blank list, no matter how many files I have open.

Also I would think that the plugin would work a lot better working like the same as the jEdit and netbeans implementation of this plugin.

Where you press <Ctrl><tab> to go through the recent files, and <Ctrl><shift><tab> to go through the list in reverse order. And also the first press of the key combination should select the first file in the list, and presses after that should move to the next file in the list. And when the <Ctrl> button is release the file that is currently selected should be opened.

This method works very well, and it is much faster for switching between files than the current implementation

Marco Laspe said...

Hello Phillip,
thanks for the feedback.

Did you start gedit from the command line?
Did you get any error messages?
Could you post them, please?

On more thing, the plugin is not meant as a file switcher. It is just a replacement of the "recent files" in the file menu.
For switching files there is a different plugin, that is not available anymore, but if you want I will repost the plugin on my new blog.
A second way to switch files in gedit is to use <Alt>+<1 - 9> counting from the left tab.

Rockin' regards,

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